Jason Mraz - I Don’t Miss You

Nelly ft. Future - Give U Dat

Ashanti - Never Should Have

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

Mike Angel - Love Me Right

Sam Hook - Ends With You

Le Marvin - Shut It Down

Demi Lovato - I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me

Karina Pasian - Perfectly Different

Zedd - Clarity

Karina Pasian - Can’t Find The Words

J.Rice - Heart Attack (cover)

Take me back to where we started 
Cause I’m afraid I’ve lost it all 
Wasted all my second chances 
How far does forgiveness go?

Shane Filan | Beautiful in White ♥

(Source: rainbowafter-therain)

Tai | Nowhere Else But Here

For the first time, In a long time,
I’ve never felt so sure in my life,
And baby, You’ve made me,
Made me understand, The world’s not so cold.
And I feel like feels like I’m free falling to earth with no
No parachute don’t wanna be nowhere else but here right here
nowhere else right here..with you.

(Source: rainbowafter-therain)